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In honor of National Bloody Mary Day (January 1), we’re launching a special cover-song contest!

Think you / your band has what it takes to get The Bloody Mary Festival rocking? Then enter our Bloody Mary Fest Cover-Song Contest with a chance for (Festival) fame and (a small) fortune, $500!

We’re looking for covers of drinking / party related songs, ie: Rehab/Amy Winehouse, Friends in Low Places/Garth Brooks, Red Red Wine/UB40, to be played at our virtual Festival for our fun, booze loving attendees.

The contest will give 5 lucky winners the chance to perform virtually to hundreds of people around the U.S. during The Bloody Mary Festival on National Bloody Mary Day - Jan.1, 2022.

To enter

  1. Record an audio or video clip (45 seconds maximum) of your band performing a cover song. Open to all performers – any age, style, instrument, solo performers, duos, trios, bands. You can enter as many songs as you like.

  2. Submit the clip to us by Nov 30. Submit to:

  3. The contest winners will be selected on or before Dec.5. We will pick the 5 best performances. The 5 winners will be notified and then they will record a full video of the song that will be played to hundreds of people during the The Bloody Mary Festival on January 1. Festival attendees will vote for their favorite song / band, with the winner receiving $500 prize. All 5 winners will receive prizes.


We taste & review 3 of the leading bottled horseradish infused Vodkas


It’s relatively easy to infuse your own vodka with vegetables & herbs. But why bother when there are so many clean, fresh, smooth options available for purchase.

We LOVE horseradish so today we’re tasting and reviewing three of the best horseradish flavored Vodkas on the market. Horseradish infused vodka can be stored in your refrigerator for whenever your sinuses or your head needs a clearing.

Plus, horseradish vodka is the perfect companion to a Bloody Mary.

So our Babushka (Grandmom) was sweet enough to make her famous Khachapuri recipe (Georgian (the country, not the state) cheese bread) to go along with these three horseradish flavored Vodkas:

This vodka was developed by the fine folks behind the only Russian restaurant in St. Paul, MN, called Moscow on the Hill. (Check out their full story here.)

This vodka distilled in small batches and infused at 45th Parallel distillery in New Richmond, Wisconsin. They source the horseradish from local Wisconsin growers.

According to their website, horseradish is a way to improve the common cold, relieve a stomach ache and, yes, render the morning after not so painful.

Our experts all agreed that this Vodka had the lightest taste of horseradish of the 3 brands that were sampled. This Vodka was very smooth. It would make the perfect dirty martini and wouldn’t you know... They have this recipe on their website

(From their website)

Dirty Horseradish Martini

  • 2.5 oz Referent Horseradish Vodka

  • 1 Dash Olive Juice (to taste)

  • Garnish with 2 olives

Combine and shake in a martini shaker.

You can order this vodka here

They introduced this flavor after several customers from Poland and Russia suggested it based on some of Jersey Spirits Distilling other infused flavors.

They developed their own infusion process utilizing high pressure, which works great with horseradish.

The strength of the horseradish flavor falls in the middle of the 3 brands that we tasted. Its pleasantly noticeable but not overpowering.

We really loved the shape and feel of this bottle. It would make the perfect gift for any Bloody Mary or Vodka lover

We recommend this vodka with some shucked oysters. It also makes a great martini when paired with their hot pepper infused vodka. They call this the Dirty Jersey and it is delicious.

You can pick up this vodka at these locations.

This Vodka had the strongest horseradish flavor of the 3 bottles that we tasted. They use fresh, local horseradish root. Each bottle had a single drop of Oregon Honey. Even just the one small drop of honey added a nice, subtle sweetness to the flavor

This bottle would be great served cold straight from the freezer and drank in shots, with a nice pickle.

Kachka has plans to eventually distribute the vodka nationally, as well as to offer online sales, but for now, the vodka will only be available at the restaurant, at New Deal Distillery, and in these Oregon liquor stores. It will cost $27.95 for a 750 milliliter bottle.

Horseradish flavored vodka is a great addition to any home bar. It's great to drink straight (chilled or not), as a base for a Martini, or in your Bloody Mary. We recommend grabbing a bottle, plus some pickles, some good friends, and sit around your dining table and see where the vibe takes you! Cheers!


If you want to explore more fun flavors, check out our Bloody Mary Home Kit, which includes five craft Bloody Marys from around the Country, five rim salt flavors, meat sticks, & much more. Delivered straight to your door!

Add a float of Guinness beer on top for this festive day


With St. Patrick's Day just around the corner (Wednesday, March 17, 2021), here is an easy to make Bloody Mary recipe. We've added Guinness Beer, a dark irish stout that originates in Dublin Ireland to the recipe, as a floater. You'll add this ingredient last so you'll get a nice dark layer at the very top of this cocktail. Your friends will be green with envy!

You don't have to be Irish to make this. You just have to enjoy a good Bloody Mary!


(Makes 6 glasses)

Approximately 44 ounces of tomato juice (we like Sacramento Tomato Juice)

4 oz lemon juice

8 oz pickle juice

4 oz horseradish

4 teaspoons Sriracha

3 teaspoons Worcestershire

3 teaspoons HP sauce (Google it)

1 teaspoon Celery salt

2 oz of Guinness Beer per glass



12 ounce glasses


- Combine all ingredients (except beer and vodka) together in a pitcher or blender

- Stir vigorously with large spoon or blend at low speed for 30 seconds

- add 2 oz of vodka per glass, then add ice to glass

- top with 2 oz of Guinness per glass

- Garnish with your favorite garnishes

- Enjoy!

You know what else would go great on St. Patrick's Day? A box full of artisanal Bloody Marys delivered right to your door, 12 cocktails in all and enough for two people! Check it out here:


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