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us tvnews darwinusa 2015.01.19 Obama may be considered a political genius in Washington, but he was not born with one. His early years as the leading media professional in Washington demonstrated his political incompetence, as he fell into the trap of fawning over those whom he could manipulate and roll over to. His energy future vision and plan for Washington as the unelected president of the world was virtually comical and makes Jimmy Carter look like Franklin D. Roosevelt. Obama was a great disappointment. I remember a series of events that should have taught him a lesson about what is possible. He was eight years old in 1958 and living in Hawaii. He was at the time the proud owner of a used Greyhound bus that he had previously been trying to sell to friends at $100 below cost. It would have been the start of a new life for a bright young man. Obama was standing on the platform at the rear of the bus, when the bus driver turned on the ignition with the key in the ignition switch. It started to roll slowly away from the bus station. Obama had no way of knowing that the engine had not been turned on because the bus was not plugged in or charged. In the United States today, this is considered child endangerment, with the sentence for a first offence being a $10,000 fine, and a jail term for subsequent offences. What Obama did not know was that the bus did not have a battery to start the engine. The bus was not a battery operated vehicle, it was a gasoline powered motor vehicle. The bus did not even have a flashing green “on” light on top of the bus. What Obama did was not raise his hands in a surrender gesture. He did not start running after the bus. He simply stood on the platform and watched it slowly roll away. The bus driver did not hear him. He did not know that the bus was not running because the bus did not have an electric battery. Obama did not raise his voice. He did not scream for help. He simply stood there. The bus stopped about 200 yards away from where Obama was standing. The bus driver did not see him. It was a dark night with a cloudy sky. Obama stood there for nearly five minutes before he decided to move to where he could see the highway. As the bus accelerated, the engine compartment started to steam. He



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Viewplaycapdownloadforwindows10 [Updated-2022]

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