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Improved drawing, marker, and text tool design and icons.With automatic numbering, drawing pages can be automatically numbered. (video: 9:09 min.)Multiple display layouts:Display layout toggles in the Task Bar, to make it easy to view your favorite layout, or switch between layouts. (video: 6:54 min.)Extend to just fit your screen in full screen mode: extend out to a large canvas if your monitor or display can handle it. (video: 8:45 min.)Experimental GPU Rendering:Using Autodesk® Fusion® Technology, the Autodesk® ReMake® architecture, and new rendering technology, you can generate and render extremely high resolution images and videos in high frame rates.Create videos in native 4096×2160 resolutionRender video content as high as 4K UHD resolutionRender ultra high resolution images and videoGet in touch with usFirst, we're going to need a few details from you. So start off by giving us some details.Contact usThanks for your interest in AutoCAD 2023. We'll be in touch soon!Submit feedbackGame Update 2.6, “Spire of the Ashen Mountains” is now live on all platforms!Spire of the Ashen MountainsNew Legendary World Boss Item: Shimmering Bones of the SkeletonNew Legendary World Boss Item: A Legendary Chestplate of the Skeleton KingNew Epic Dungeon: The Lost City of OmuNew Epic Dungeon: The Lost City of Omu: Royal Tomb of KingsNew Epic Dungeon: The Lost City of Omu: Battle for the Crown3 New Epic Bosses: Falzul, the Bone Assassin, Zelator, the Forgotten King, and Valeena, the Bringer of ColdNew Legendary Dungeon: Scoria TowerGame Update 2.6: Spire of the Ashen Mountains is available now!This week we have added a new Legendary World Boss, new Epic Dungeon, a new Epic boss, new Epic bosses, a new Legendary Dungeon, as well as 3 new Epic boss encounters.The new Legendary World Boss is the Skeleton King, a powerful new boss that awaits you in the Lost City of Omu. Along with the Skeleton King are new Epic boss encounters – Falzul, the 2be273e24d


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